Front Rotors

16.14 inches

15.5 inches

Rear Rotors

15.35 inches

15 inches

Tires and Wheels

For better traction, the GT-R has larger front tires than the 570S (F:255/40R20 & R:285/35R20 vs. F:225/35R19 & R:285/35R20).

For better ride, handling and brake cooling the GT-R has standard 20-inch wheels. Only 19-inch front wheels are available on the 570S.

Changing a flat tire near traffic can be dangerous and inconvenient. The run-flat tires standard on the GT-R can be driven up to 50 miles without any air pressure, allowing you to drive to a service station for a repair. The 570S doesn’t offer run-flat tires.

Suspension and Handling

For a smoother ride and more stable handling, the GT-R’s wheelbase is 4.3 inches longer than on the 570S (109.4 inches vs. 105.1 inches).

The GT-R’s front to rear weight distribution is more even (54.7% to 45.3%) than the 570S’ (42.1% to 57.9%). This gives the GT-R more stable handling and braking.

For better maneuverability, the GT-R’s turning circle is 4.4 feet tighter than the 570S’ (36.6 feet vs. 41 feet). The GT-R NISMO’s turning circle is 3.6 feet tighter than the 570S’ (37.4 feet vs. 41 feet).


The design of the Nissan GT-R amounts to more than styling. The GT-R has an aerodynamic coefficient of drag of .26 Cd. That is significantly lower than the 570S (.35). A more efficient exterior helps the GT-R go faster and keeps the interior quieter. It also helps the GT-R get better fuel mileage.

The GT-R uses computer-generated active noise cancellation to help remove annoying noise and vibration from the passenger compartment, especially at low frequencies. The 570S doesn’t offer active noise cancellation.

Passenger Space

The GT-R has standard seating for 4 passengers; the 570S can only carry 2.

The GT-R has 30 cubic feet more passenger volume than the 570S (79 vs. 49).

Cargo Capacity

The GT-R has a much larger trunk than the 570S Coupe (8.8 vs. 5.3 cubic feet).


The GT-R’s instruments include an oil pressure gauge and a temperature gauge - which could save your engine! Often ‘idiot lights’ don’t warn you until damage has been done. The 570S does not have an oil pressure gauge.

The GT-R’s standard power windows have a locking feature to keep children from operating them. McLaren does not offer a locking feature on the 570S’ standard power windows.

The GT-R’s sun-visors swivel front-to-side to block glare from the side windows. The 570S’ visors are fixed into the windshield header.

To help keep the driver’s hands on the wheel, the GT-R has standard steering wheel controls for the radio. The 570S doesn’t offer steering wheel audio controls.

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