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Tires and Wheels

For better traction, the 370Z NISMO’s tires are larger than the largest tires available on the C-Class Coupe (F:245/40R19 & R:285/35R19 vs. F:225/45R18 & R:245/40R18).

Suspension and Handling

The 370Z NISMO handles at .99 G’s, while the C 300 pulls only .91 G’s of cornering force in a Car and Driver skidpad test.

The 370Z executes Motor Trend’s “Figure Eight” maneuver 1 seconds quicker than the C 300 4MATIC (24.9 seconds @ .73 average G’s vs. 25.9 seconds @ .71 average G’s).

For better maneuverability, the 370Z’s turning circle is 4 feet tighter than the C 300’s (32.8 feet vs. 36.8 feet). The 370Z Sport/NISMO’s turning circle is 5.6 feet tighter than the AMG C 43 Coupe’s (34.1 feet vs. 39.7 feet).


The Nissan 370Z may be more efficient, handle and accelerate better because it weighs about 300 to 500 pounds less than the Mercedes C-Class Coupe.

The 370Z is 1 foot, 5 inches shorter than the AMG C 43 Coupe, making the 370Z easier to handle, maneuver and park in tight spaces.

To almost totally eliminate engine vibration in the passenger area, the 370Z has an electronically controlled liquid-filled main engine mount. A computer-controlled electric current in the liquid changes its viscosity, allowing the mount to dampen the engine completely at all RPMs. The C-Class Coupe uses conventional solid rubber engine mounts.

The design of the Nissan 370Z amounts to more than styling. The 370Z has an aerodynamic coefficient of drag of .3 Cd (optional .29 Cd with Sport). That is lower than the C-Class Coupe (.32). A more efficient exterior helps the 370Z go faster and keeps the interior quieter. It also helps the 370Z get better fuel mileage.

The 370Z Sport/Sport Touring/NISMO/50th Anniversary Edition uses computer-generated active noise cancellation to help remove annoying noise and vibration from the passenger compartment, especially at low frequencies. The C-Class Coupe doesn’t offer active noise cancellation.


The 370Z’s standard power windows have a locking feature to keep children from operating them. Mercedes does not offer a locking feature on the C-Class Coupe’s standard power windows.

Economic Advantages

According to The Car Book by Jack Gillis, the 370Z is less expensive to operate than the C-Class Coupe because it costs $706 less to do the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance for 50,000 miles. Typical repairs cost much less on the 370Z than the C-Class Coupe, including $16 less for a water pump, $373 less for a muffler, $28 less for front brake pads, $62 less for a starter and $356 less for a fuel pump.


Consumer Reports? recommends the Nissan 370Z, based on reliability, safety and performance.

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