Sportage 2.4 DOHC 4-cyl.

181 HP

175 lbs.-ft.

Sportage SX Turbo AWD 2.0 turbo 4-cyl.

237 HP

260 lbs.-ft.

Sportage SX Turbo FWD 2.0 turbo 4-cyl.

240 HP

260 lbs.-ft.

UX 200 2.0 DOHC 4-cyl.

169 HP

151 lbs.-ft.

UX 250h 2.0 DOHC 4-cyl. hybrid

181 HP


Fuel Economy and Range

The Sportage has 5.8 gallons more fuel capacity than the UX Series Hybrid’s standard fuel tank (16.4 vs. 10.6 gallons), for longer range between fill-ups. The Sportage has 4 gallons more fuel capacity than the UX Series’ standard fuel tank (16.4 vs. 12.4 gallons).

Brakes and Stopping

For better stopping power the Sportage SX Turbo’s brake rotors are larger than those on the UX Series:

Sportage SX Turbo

UX Series

Front Rotors

12.6 inches

12 inches

Rear Rotors

11.9 inches

11.1 inches

The Sportage stops shorter than the UX Series:


UX Series

60 to 0 MPH

128 feet

137 feet

Consumer Reports

60 to 0 MPH (Wet)

131 feet

143 feet

Consumer Reports

Tires and Wheels

For better traction, the Sportage SX Turbo’s tires are larger than the largest tires available on the UX Series (245/45R19 vs. 225/50R18).

The Sportage SX Turbo’s tires provide better handling because they have a lower 45 series profile (height to width ratio) that provides a stiffer sidewall than the UX Series’ 50 series tires.

For better ride, handling and brake cooling the Sportage SX Turbo has standard 19-inch wheels. The UX Series’ largest wheels are only 18-inches.

The Sportage offers an optional space-saver spare tire so you can replace a flat tire and drive to have the flat repaired or replaced. A spare tire isn’t available on the UX Series; it requires you to depend on its run-flat tires, which limits mileage and speed before they are repaired. If a run-flat is damaged beyond repair by a road hazard your vehicle will have to be towed.

Suspension and Handling

The Sportage has standard front and rear gas-charged shocks for better control over choppy roads. The UX Series’ suspension doesn’t offer gas-charged shocks.

For a smoother ride and more stable handling, the Sportage’s wheelbase is 1.2 inches longer than on the UX Series (105.1 inches vs. 103.9 inches).

For better handling and stability, the average track (width between the wheels) on the Sportage is 2.4 inches wider in the front and 2.9 inches wider in the rear than the track on the UX Series.

Passenger Space

The Sportage has 8.2 cubic feet more passenger volume than the UX Series (98.6 vs. 90.4).

The Sportage has 2.1 inches more front headroom, .5 inches more front hip room, 2 inches more front shoulder room, 2.8 inches more rear headroom, 5.1 inches more rear legroom and 2.2 inches more rear shoulder room than the UX Series.

For enhanced passenger comfort on long trips the Sportage’s rear seats recline. The UX Series’ rear seats don’t recline.

Cargo Capacity

The Sportage has a much larger cargo volume with its rear seat up than the UX Series (30.7 vs. 21.7 cubic feet).


The Sportage has a 2000 lbs. towing capacity. The UX Series has no towing capacity.


The power windows standard on both the Sportage and the UX Series have locks to prevent small children from operating them. When the lock on the Sportage is engaged the driver can still operate all of the windows, for instance to close one opened by a child. The UX Series prevents the driver from operating the other windows just as it does the other passengers.

Heated windshield washer nozzles are optional on the Sportage to prevent washer fluid and nozzles from freezing and help continue to keep the windshield clear in sub-freezing temperatures. The UX Series doesn’t offer heated windshield washer nozzles.

Consumer Reports rated the Sportage’s headlight performance “Very Good,” a higher rating than the UX Series’ headlights, which were rated “Good.”


Consumer Reports? recommends both the Kia Sportage and the Lexus UX Series, based on reliability, safety and performance.

The Kia Sportage outsold the Lexus UX Series by almost 183 to one during 2018.

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