Explorer 2.3 turbo 4 cyl.

300 HP

310 lbs.-ft.

Explorer 3.3 DOHC V6 hybrid

318 HP

322 lbs.-ft.

Explorer Platinum 3.0 turbo V6

365 HP

380 lbs.-ft.

Explorer ST 3.0 turbo V6

400 HP

415 lbs.-ft.

GLC 300 Coupe 2.0 turbo 4 cyl.

241 HP

273 lbs.-ft.

AMG GLC 43 Coupe 3.0 turbo V6

362 HP

384 lbs.-ft.

Fuel Economy and Range

Regenerative brakes improve the Explorer Hybrid’s fuel efficiency by converting inertia back into energy instead of wasting it. The GLC Coupe doesn’t offer a regenerative braking system.

The Explorer V6 Turbo’s standard fuel tank has 2.8 gallons more fuel capacity than the GLC Coupe (20.2 vs. 17.4 gallons).

The Explorer has a standard cap-less fueling system. The fuel filler is automatically opened when the fuel nozzle is inserted and automatically closed when it’s removed. This eliminates the need to unscrew and replace the cap and it reduces fuel evaporation, which causes pollution. The GLC Coupe doesn’t offer a cap-less fueling system.


A 10-speed automatic is standard on the Ford Explorer, for better acceleration and lower engine speed on the highway. Only a nine-speed automatic is available for the GLC Coupe.

Brakes and Stopping

For better stopping power the Explorer ST’s front brake rotors are larger than those on the GLC Coupe:


Explorer ST

Explorer ST opt.

GLC Coupe

Front Rotors

13.6 inches

13.6 inches

14.3 inches

13.5 inches

Rear Rotors

12.4 inches

12.8 inches

13.8 inches

12.6 inches

Tires and Wheels

For better traction, the Explorer has larger standard tires than the GLC Coupe (255/65R18 vs. 235/55R19). The Explorer ST/Platinum’s optional tires are larger than the largest tires available on the GLC Coupe (275/45R21 vs. 255/45R20).

The Explorer has a standard space-saver spare tire so you can replace a flat tire and drive to have the flat repaired or replaced. A spare tire isn’t available on the GLC Coupe; it requires you to depend on its run-flat tires, which limits mileage and speed before they are repaired. If a run-flat is damaged beyond repair by a road hazard your vehicle will have to be towed.

Suspension and Handling

For a smoother ride and more stable handling, the Explorer’s wheelbase is 6 inches longer than on the GLC Coupe (119.1 inches vs. 113.1 inches).

For better handling and stability, the track (width between the wheels) on the Explorer is 3.1 inches wider in the front and 3.2 inches wider in the rear than on the GLC Coupe.


The front grille of the Explorer (except 3.3 V6 non-Hybrid) uses electronically controlled shutters to close off airflow and reduce drag when less engine cooling is needed. This helps improve highway fuel economy. The GLC Coupe doesn’t offer active grille shutters.

The Explorer Hybrid uses computer-generated active noise cancellation to help remove annoying noise and vibration from the passenger compartment, especially at low frequencies. The GLC Coupe doesn’t offer active noise cancellation.

Passenger Space

The Explorer has standard seating for 7 passengers; the GLC Coupe can only carry 5.

The Explorer has 1.8 inches more front headroom, 2.2 inches more front legroom, 4.5 inches more front shoulder room, 2.2 inches more rear headroom, 1.8 inches more rear legroom and 6.1 inches more rear shoulder room than the GLC Coupe.

Cargo Capacity

The Explorer’s cargo area provides more volume than the GLC Coupe.


GLC Coupe

Third Seat Folded

47.9 cubic feet


Third Seat Removed


17.6 cubic feet

Second Seat Folded

87.8 cubic feet

49.4 cubic feet

The Explorer’s cargo area is larger than the GLC Coupe’s in every dimension:


GLC Coupe

Length to seat (3rd/2nd/1st)



Max Width



Min Width







Maximum trailer towing in the Mercedes GLC Coupe is limited to 3500 pounds. The Explorer offers up to a 5600 lbs. towing capacity.


The Explorer offers a remote vehicle starting system, so the vehicle can be started from inside the driver's house. This allows the driver to comfortably warm up the engine before going out to the vehicle. The climate system will also automatically heat or cool the interior. The GLC Coupe doesn’t offer a remote starting system.

In case you lock your keys in your vehicle, or don’t have them with you, you can let yourself in using the Explorer’s exterior PIN entry system. The GLC Coupe doesn’t offer an exterior PIN entry system, and its Mercedes-Benz Emergency Call can’t unlock the doors if the vehicle doesn’t have cell phone reception or the driver can’t contact the service.

To improve rear visibility by keeping the rear window clear, the Explorer has a standard rear wiper. The GLC Coupe doesn’t offer a rear wiper.

Model Availability

The Explorer is available in both rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive configurations. The GLC Coupe doesn’t offer a two-wheel drive configuration.


The Ford Explorer outsold the Mercedes GLC by almost four to one during 2018.

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