3.6 DOHC 6-cyl.

18 city/27 hwy



3.6 DOHC 6-cyl.

18 city/25 hwy

Tires and Wheels

For better traction, the Traverse has larger tires than the XT6 (255/65R18 vs. 235/55R20).

Suspension and Handling

For a smoother ride and more stable handling, the Traverse’s wheelbase is 8.2 inches longer than on the XT6 (120.9 inches vs. 112.7 inches).

For greater off-road capability the Traverse has a greater minimum ground clearance than the XT6 (7.6 vs. 6.65 inches), allowing the Traverse to travel over rougher terrain without being stopped or damaged.


The front grille of the Traverse uses electronically controlled shutters to close off airflow and reduce drag when less engine cooling is needed. This helps improve highway fuel economy. The XT6 doesn’t offer active grille shutters.

Passenger Space

The Traverse has standard seating for 8 passengers; the XT6 can only carry 7.

The Traverse has 1.5 inches more front headroom, 8 inches more front hip room, 3.8 inches more front shoulder room, .9 inches more rear headroom, 1.2 inches more rear hip room, 4.8 inches more rear shoulder room, 1 inch more third row headroom, 4 inches more third row legroom, 9 inches more third row hip room and 4 inches more third row shoulder room than the XT6.

Cargo Capacity

The Traverse’s cargo area provides more volume than the XT6.



Behind Third Seat

23 cubic feet

12.6 cubic feet

Third Seat Folded

57.8 cubic feet

43.1 cubic feet

Second Seat Folded

98.2 cubic feet

78.7 cubic feet


The Traverse’s standard towing capacity is much higher than the XT6’s (1500 vs. 1000 pounds). Maximum trailer towing in the Cadillac XT6 is only 4000 pounds. The Traverse offers up to a 5000 lbs. towing capacity.


In case you lock your keys in your vehicle, or don’t have them with you, you can let yourself in using the Traverse LS/LT/RS/Premier/High Country’s available exterior PIN entry system. The XT6 doesn’t offer an exterior PIN entry system, and its OnStar? can’t unlock the doors if the vehicle doesn’t have cell phone reception or the driver can’t contact the service.

The Traverse (except L/LS) offers an optional 115-volt a/c outlet on the center console, allowing you to recharge a laptop or run small household appliances without special adapters that can break or get misplaced. The XT6 doesn’t offer a house-current electrical outlet.

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