Malibu Hybrid


At idle

38 dB

43 dB


75 dB

76 dB

Passenger Space

Because it has more passenger and cargo room, the EPA rates the Malibu Hybrid a Mid-size car, while the CLA is rated a Subcompact.

The Malibu Hybrid has 24.9 cubic feet more passenger volume than the CLA (102.9 vs. 78).

The Malibu Hybrid has .9 inches more front headroom, 1.3 inches more front legroom, 2.5 inches more front shoulder room, 2.1 inches more rear headroom, 11 inches more rear legroom and 3.9 inches more rear shoulder room than the CLA.

The front step up height for the Malibu Hybrid is 1.5 inches lower than the CLA (13.5” vs. 15”). The Malibu Hybrid’s rear step up height is 1.9 inches lower than the CLA’s (14.1” vs. 16”).


The Malibu Hybrid has a 1000 lbs. towing capacity. The CLA has no towing capacity.


The Malibu Hybrid’s instruments include an oil pressure gauge and a temperature gauge - which could save your engine! Often ‘idiot lights’ don’t warn you until damage has been done. The CLA does not have an oil pressure gauge.

Consumer Reports rated the Malibu Hybrid’s headlight performance “Very Good,” a higher rating than the CLA’s headlights, which were rated “Fair.”

While driving with high beams on, sensitive light sensors standard on the Malibu Hybrid detect other vehicles which could be blinded and automatically switch to low beams. The CLA doesn’t offer automatic dimming high beams.

To shield the driver and front passenger’s vision over a larger portion of the windshield and side windows, the Malibu Hybrid has standard extendable sun visors. The CLA doesn’t offer extendable visors.

On extremely cold winter days, the Malibu Hybrid’s optional heated steering wheel provides comfort, allowing the driver to steer safely and comfortably before the car heater warms up. The CLA doesn’t offer a heated steering wheel.

Economic Advantages

Insurance will cost less for the Malibu Hybrid owner. The Complete Car Cost Guide estimates that insurance for the Malibu Hybrid will cost $3605 to $5075 less than the CLA over a five-year period.

IntelliChoice estimates that five-year ownership costs (depreciation, financing, insurance, fuel, fees, repairs and maintenance) for the Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid will be $8456 to $11908 less than for the Mercedes CLA.

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