AMG GT 53 3.0 turbo 6 cyl. hybrid

429 HP

384 lbs.-ft.

AMG GT 63 4.0 turbo V8

577 HP

590 lbs.-ft.

AMG GT 63 S 4.0 turbo V8

630 HP

664 lbs.-ft.

XJ 3.0 supercharged V6

340 HP

332 lbs.-ft.

XJ Supercharged 5.0 supercharged V8

470 HP

424 lbs.-ft.

XJR575 5.0 supercharged V8

575 HP

517 lbs.-ft.

Fuel Economy and Range

An engine control system that can shut down half of the engine’s cylinders helps improve the AMG GT 4-Door 63/63 S’ fuel efficiency. The XJ doesn’t offer a system that can shut down part of the engine.

Regenerative brakes improve the AMG GT 4-Door 53’s fuel efficiency by converting inertia back into energy instead of wasting it. The XJ doesn’t offer a regenerative braking system.


A nine-speed automatic is available on the Mercedes AMG GT 4-Door, for better acceleration and lower engine speed on the highway. Only an eight-speed automatic is available for the XJ.

The AMG GT 4-Door’s launch control uses engine electronics to hold engine RPM’s precisely in order to provide the most stable and rapid acceleration possible, using all of the available traction. The XJ doesn’t offer launch control.

Brakes and Stopping

For better stopping power the AMG GT 4-Door’s brake rotors are larger than those on the XJ:



AMG GT opt.


XJ Supercharged/XJR

Front Rotors

14.2 inches

15.4 inches

15.8 inches

14 inches

15 inches

Rear Rotors

14.2 inches

14.2 inches

14.2 inches

12.8 inches

14.8 inches

The AMG GT 4-Door offers optional heat-treated ceramic brake rotors, which last ten to twenty times as long as conventional cast iron rotors, don’t rust, don’t fade during repeated high speed braking, and their lighter weight contribute to better braking, handling and acceleration. The XJ doesn’t offer ceramic brake rotors.

Tires and Wheels

For better traction, the AMG GT 4-Door has larger standard tires than the XJ (F:255/45R19 & R:285/40R19 vs. F:245/45R19 & R:275/40R19).

For better ride, handling and brake cooling the AMG GT 4-Door offers optional 21-inch wheels. The XJ’s largest wheels are only 20-inches.

Suspension and Handling

The AMG GT 4-Door’s drift compensation steering can automatically compensate for road conditions that would cause the vehicle to drift from side to side, helping the driver to keep the vehicle straight more easily. The XJ doesn’t offer drift compensation steering.

For better handling and stability, the average track (width between the wheels) on the AMG GT 4-Door is 1.8 inches wider in the front and 2.3 inches wider in the rear than the track on the XJ.

Cargo Capacity

The AMG GT 4-Door’s optional rear seats fold to accommodate long and bulky cargo. The XJ doesn’t offer folding rear seats.

To make loading groceries and cargo easier when your hands are full, the AMG GT 4-Door’s liftgate can be opened and closed just by kicking your foot under the back bumper, leaving your hands completely free. The XJ doesn’t offer a hands-free gesture to open its trunk, forcing you to put cargo down if your hands are full.

Servicing Ease

J.D. Power and Associates surveys of service recipients show that Mercedes service is better than Jaguar. J.D. Power ranks Mercedes fifth in service department satisfaction. With a 45% lower rating, Jaguar is ranked 20th.


The AMG GT 4-Door offers an optional heads-up display that projects speed and other key instrumentation readouts in front of the driver’s line of sight, allowing drivers to view information without diverting their eyes from the road. The XJ doesn’t offer a heads-up display.

Heated windshield washer nozzles are standard on the AMG GT 4-Door to prevent washer fluid and nozzles from freezing and help continue to keep the windshield clear in sub-freezing temperatures. The XJ doesn’t offer heated windshield washer nozzles.

The AMG GT 4-Door offers an optional 115-volt a/c outlet on the center console, allowing you to recharge a laptop or run small household appliances without special adapters that can break or get misplaced. The XJ doesn’t offer a house-current electrical outlet.

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